A child’s heart

July 3, 2018
boy from cambodia by sandy hibbard at lensqueen.com photography

The Unstoppable Human Spirit

No matter what you go through, if you have a will to survive, you can and you will.  
July 3, 2018
cambodian children photography by sandy hibbard lensqueen.com

That All Can Be Free and Safe…

It's a small large world afterall....
November 12, 2017

Believe in a world where anything is possible

Keep your wonder and explore like you were a curious 5 year old, and anything will be possible! 
March 16, 2014

Little Girl of Mine

Life happens and sometimes it happens rough.  It’s like being out on the sea when a storm blows up and […]
February 8, 2014

For My Son

Sons are the one original love of a mother’s life.  You fall in love with them before they’re even born […]
November 1, 2013
kids playing in fire hydrant in the heat

Watch the Dance, it is Everywhere

Watch a butterfly dance. Watch the fireflies dance. Watch the lights on the water dance. Let your heart dance with […]