December 28, 2015

How Do You Say Thank You?

How do you say thank you?   Thank you to love that has brought me unbelievable pain. Thank you pain […]
November 20, 2015

New Musings on Love

New Musings on Love When it comes, I feel completely distracted.  Getting me to focus on the things that matter […]
January 2, 2014

29 quotes to inspire and keep you rolling through the year

Throughout the year, a quick glance over at my office wall during a grueling day of work (or in my […]
December 3, 2013

Waking the Muse

I remember the exact moment when this verse came to me.  After months of grief, there was a magical moment […]
February 6, 2012
In flight to Chicago
Flying to Chicago I love the feeling of taking off Kinda helpless You just let go of all control To […]
December 15, 2011

Decent into me

  Luminarie laid out like a Rosary Winding like a ribbon Binding the girl to his heart Flowing Tasseling along Aphrodite’s heels […]
October 16, 2011
Deal or No Deal
I know you cannot go through life unless you are willing for love or money to make a fool of […]
October 16, 2011
Poetry Heals
Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason. …Novalis
August 31, 2011
My Muse
My muse excites me. He awakens my ears to hear the night bird and the katydid. Have you ever experienced […]