November 13, 2020

Throw a Torch

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead […]
October 27, 2018

You are a Garden

Tend your heart like a garden...
June 13, 2018

Wake up to this Moment!

“Wake up to today. All possibilities reside in this moment.” ~ Sandy Hibbard  
November 6, 2017

Meeting of Facts and Dreams

“Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet.” ~ Victor Hugo
October 30, 2017

My Monday Mojo

Today, I just want to settle into my start position and absorb every nuance that presents itself to me…as it comes. I posted a note on my desk that says “turn loose and move forward”. That’s the kind of hustle I plan to do - let go of the things that are not fruitful in my life - business or otherwise - and move forward.
July 7, 2017


I am but a flame ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Emerging from the ember ~ ~ ~ Calling moon and sky ~ ~ ~
July 6, 2015

Pass the Juice – Get Inspired

Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries. ~ Corita Kent Pass the Juice – […]
October 27, 2014

What If Your Life Was A Blank Canvas?

I received this beautiful blog post from and it made me step back and take in a nice deep […]
January 2, 2014

29 quotes to inspire and keep you rolling through the year

Throughout the year, a quick glance over at my office wall during a grueling day of work (or in my […]