June 16, 2011
george jetson of the jetsons

George Jetson and Star Trek – bring us hope for the future !

George Jetson and Star Trek – bring us hope for the future ! WOW!  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013*&@#$!!  Back in […]
June 16, 2011

The Glass House

What we all have in common   I had the privilege of representing the film The Glass House, a documentary […]
June 16, 2011

Fair Day!

A few of my favorite Texas State Fair pics…
June 16, 2011

The Air of Autumn

Ending scorched heated days of summer crisp sun dappled moments laced with children’s laughter gin and tonics and pool-side acrobatics […]
June 16, 2011

oh my god, Jen, I saw him!

Have you ever felt this way about someone? OMG! Ohhhh my GOD! I saw you I saw you! Like a […]
June 16, 2011


There are times we have when we just go by feelings, simply wanting to be known and to know.  This […]
June 16, 2011
dreaming on love saturdaysoul.com

A Lover’s Musings

  Ahh, the terrible push and pull of hearts in love.  I could tell you stories if you were here […]
June 16, 2011
san marcus sky on the river with full moon saturdaysoul.com

San Marcus Sky

If you have ever been to south Texas and visited San Marcus and the San Marcus River, you will relate […]
June 16, 2011
Chanel by night

2 Sisters in Paris

Visit my new blog 2 Sisters in Paris and follow me and my big sister as we travel to Paris […]