February 11, 2012

Sharing an "Inescapable Destiny"

Greetings from Saturday Soul.  I have a special poem I want to share with everyone that was written by Scott […]
January 2, 2012
love irrelevancy
Oh dear you talk about love but do you even know the meaning? Do you know what it is to […]
August 20, 2011

Holding in Rapture

Musings on love… Holding in Rapture Lost in time Lost in love Lost in you Lost to the Loneliness Of […]
August 14, 2011
Three Keys to a Happy Relationship
The best way to have a relationship is to understand what you can give instead of what you want… instead […]
June 16, 2011

oh my god, Jen, I saw him!

Have you ever felt this way about someone? OMG! Ohhhh my GOD! I saw you I saw you! Like a […]
June 16, 2011
dreaming on love saturdaysoul.com

A Lover’s Musings

  Ahh, the terrible push and pull of hearts in love.  I could tell you stories if you were here […]
June 16, 2011
san marcus sky on the river with full moon saturdaysoul.com

San Marcus Sky

If you have ever been to south Texas and visited San Marcus and the San Marcus River, you will relate […]
June 16, 2011

Heart Inflamed

    Heart Inflamed Hold me back from the inspiration that grips my heart Like shards of glass sounding Piercing […]
May 19, 2011
I found a blue jay feather out back by the tree you know, underneath the torch I lit for you […]