living in the moment

December 22, 2019
we have two seconds and the first ones gone

We Have Two Seconds and the First One’s Gone

A special friend told me this once, he said, “we only have two seconds, and the first one is already […]
February 25, 2019
sand and surf in tulum mexico on saturday soul blog

Sand and Surf

Sand and Surf Nothing makes me feel more one with nature than being by the sea. There is something about […]
November 11, 2017

Ahhhh love…. my cherished teacher

To be present in the moment and embrace each nuance of it is a gift we must learn to recognize, and there is no better teacher for this than love.
April 25, 2016

This Moment Counts

If I’m remembered for having done a few good things, and if my presence here has sparked some good energies, […]
December 25, 2015

Each Moment is a Treasure

“Every moment we shared is now my favorite.”   So often we miss out on the moment because we are […]
July 27, 2015

How Far Ahead can You See?

Another great Monday Mojo I had to share from Seth Kahan from  Have a great day and a fabulous […]
February 24, 2015

Pressed Coffee and Freedom

Pressed Coffee and Freedom  For my brother Bruce   Every morning I have a little routine to start my day. […]
January 22, 2015

The Contentment Habit

Another great blog post by Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, there is truly a beautiful universe in each moment we become aware […]
April 16, 2014

I Didn't Fall in Love. I Rose in It.

I wanted to share this article that was shared out by and written by Orsolya Hajnali so beautifully that […]